Caprese 2.0


I've had it in my mind all summer to make this caprese plate with my purple basil and orange persimmon tomatoes. I finally got around to it this weekend and it turned out just as beautiful as I thought it might be! A little hard to capture the vibrant colors in the photo, but the purple and orange were stunning together.

My main taster dude thought it might be even better than the traditional caprese with red tomatoes and green basil, as the flavor of the purple basil is a little more subtle than that of the Genovese, and the tomato flavors were allowed to really shine through.

The preparation is so simple...Sliced tomatoes topped with basil leaves topped with slices of fresh mozarella (water-packed). This is lightly dressed with a drizzle of good extra virgin olive oil and a sprinkling of kosher salt. I served it with slices of ciabatta bread to sop up the juices. So sad to think that the summer growing season is coming to an end, and treats like this, fresh from the garden, will be left to linger in the memory until summer comes round again.