One-Pan Chicken and Sausage Roast

This is definitely one of our favorite weeknight meals ever.  It comes to us by way of Nigella Lawson, and one of its best selling points (other than the amazing flavors and textures) is that you can throw everything in a ziploc bag the night before to marinate and then an hour or so before dinner just throw it all in a pan and walk away. The flavors that develop from the marinade while this is roasting are just heavenly. Be sure to fish out the lemon chunks before serving! Not fun to bite into one of those.

The original recipe made enough for an army, so I've adapted it for 2 or 3 people. You can use either bone-in or boneless chicken thighs, I've done both, but I think I like the bone-in best. Do not under any circumstances use chicken breasts. They will dry out with the lengthy cooking time.

As I mentioned above, this is one of our stand-by go-to weeknight meals, and we never ever tire of it.  Sometimes I change up the sausages and use a spinach/feta or a chicken apple sausage and they all work really well.  Roast up some little potatoes to go with it, maybe a salad and you've got the makings for one heck of a great meal.  The best part?  Hardly any cleanup giving you lots of time for another glass of wine.  Here's the recipe...

One-Pan Chicken and Sausage Roast

If you have a convection oven, this is where you want to use it!  Reduce the temperature to 400 degrees and it will only take 30 minutes and everything browns and crisps up beautifully.

Printable Recipe

Recipe adapted from Nigella Lawson

1 large onion or 2 small onions
1/3 cup olive oi
2 teaspoons dry mustard
1 tablespoon dried sage
Freshly ground black pepper
3 tablespoons Worcestershire sauce
1 lemon
2 lbs chicken thighs (bone-in or boneless)
3 Italian sausages, cut half
2 tablespoons fresh sage leaves, chopped

Peel and cut the onion into eighths, and put into a freezer bag with the oil, mustard, dried sage, a good grinding of pepper, and Worcestershire sauce. Cut lemon in half, squeeze juice into bag, and then cut the halves into eighths and add them. Squidge everything around to mix and then add the chicken pieces. Leave to marinade in the refrigerator for a few hours, overnight, or for up to 2 days.

Preheat the oven to 425 degrees F. Allow the chicken to come to room temperature in its marinade.  If you have a convection oven, preheat to 400 degrees and cook for 30 instead of 40 minutes.

Arrange the chicken pieces in a roasting pan skin side up with the marinade, including all the bits and pieces, and tuck the sausages around them. Sprinkle the fresh sage leaves over the chicken and sausages and then put the pan into the oven to cook for 40 minutes.  Turn the sausages over half way through to color them evenly.