Berry Cobbler Redux

If I had a list of the most loathsome experiences to be avoided at all costs, the flu would most definitely be at the top of that list.  But I never got around to making that list so I forgot to avoid it all costs and the last couple of days have been particularly unfun.  As you might expect, I have had no appetite or desire to cook or photograph food or talk about food, so to keep you amused until I return to my post here, I thought I'd bring back one of the most popular recipes on the Circle B blog.

 This is an amazingly scrumptious cobbler made famous by Walter Scheib, White House chef during the Clinton and Bush years, and a definite favorite here at the Circle B Kitchen.  With it being berry season and all, I thought you might want to get one of these made up; it's about the easiest cobbler you will ever have the pleasure of throwing together.

I'm sure I'll be back in eating/cooking/blogging form soon.  In the meantime, here's a link to the original post and the recipe...

White House Berry Cobbler