Keeping on...

There have been good days and there have been not so good days and Mom is still struggling to stay in the game.  In the meantime, my Circle B life remains on hold.  The bulk of my food prep these days revolves around peeling the lid off a bottle of Ensure and which flavor will perhaps spark a little more interest this time. I do miss my kitchen and cooking and all of you.  Thank you so much for all of your amazingly kind and supportive comments and emails.  I know this is somewhat of a universal experience that so many of you have already been through.  Your words of wise counsel have not been wasted.  Thank you.  Thank you!

it's becoming clearer each day the ways in which this experience is teaching me things I did not know about myself.  I have promised myself to make the best use of this time for me.  Big lessons in being brave and fending off guilt and not letting fear get the best of me.  Hope and optimism heal.  More of these lessons to come.  Hope to be back here soon.  I really do.