And Life Goes On...

It sort of seems unimaginable that life really does go on.  But it does.  Dad is living proof of this as he bravely strides into a new reality that encompasses a life without his wife of 69 years.  And at 90 years of age, it is indeed an impressive and inspiring thing to see.  If he can do it, we certainly must as well.  And it’s for sure what Mom would have wanted. 

And things are almost all in place so that Dad can do what he can do and others can pick up the pieces of what he can’t.  My role in his life is slowly becoming less of a caretaker and more of an entertainment chairman, which is how I prefer it, and I think he does too. 

And all of that means that I am slowly returning to my Circle B Kitchen; not just to throw together a quick meal at the end of a busy day, but actually plan a meal and have the time to slice, dice, chop and sauté.  Glorious!  I don’t quite have the time for baking bread or pizza yet, but I see that coming and it thrills me no end. 

I don’t quite know where to start with thanking so many of you for the support you’ve offered me over the last few weeks.  I debated as to whether and how much to share on the blog of what I was going through with Mom’s illness and her eventual passing, but all of those questions fell quickly aside as the comments and emails of caring support kept coming through day after day.  It is still difficult for me to tell you how much it all meant to me, and what a lift it gave me to hear so many of you speak of your own experiences, or just offer comfort, caring words, and inspiration.  Thank you so very much.  Each of you.  What incredibly compassionate and kind people you are.

So the dust is beginning to settle a little and it feels good to get back to work.  Mom was so very proud of this blog and she would tell people she barely knew all about it, much to my embarrassment at times.  But she loved to cook and bake, and she left a notebook full of recipes that she printed out from the Circle B Kitchen, so I know she wouldn’t want me to stay away any longer than I must. 

I brought out my camera this morning and got reacquainted with it.  I felt pretty rusty, but it didn’t take long for things to start clicking into place again.  Not sure I’m really fully functioning in that department yet, but fortunately I have photos that I had taken before Mom became ill and I’ll have that post to you very soon. 

But getting to my computer and actually writing has probably been the most difficult challenge for me.  I knew I couldn’t just jump right in and start talking about the perfect recipe for whatever, although I’m very excited to start sharing those with you again.  It’s been so hard to even imagine how to put into words what this last 2 months has been like for me and how touched I have been by your dear generosity.  But now that I’ve finally begun, it seems a little easier than I had expected.  Thank you for your kindness and patience.  I’m very much hoping to be back here next week to talk about food!  Oh the joy!