What's Cookin'?

In case you haven't seen the little blurb I wrote last week in the sidebar over there, I've launched a new page on the website called "What's Cookin?"  It pretty much chronicles what I'm working on in the kitchen, whether it be a new recipe I'm testing or dinner that night or whatever I might be doing in the kitchen that day.  Why I think this might be interesting to you, I have no idea.

But the main reason I've been wanting to do something like this is because I often pull recipes from past posts to make for us.  Some of these are old favorites that you might not know about and some of them might be updated versions of older recipes.  Of course, often it will be a preview of a new recipe, good or bad, but I like the idea of staying in touch with you on a daily basis.  So check in often and see what's cookin'!!