Not Really an Ending...

Next month marks the Circle B Kitchen's 9th birthday, and as a weird sort of commemoration of the event, we're going to be switching gears a bit.  I've decided to cut back on my blogging work, i.e., recipe developing, testing, etc. and begin focusing on other creative projects that I've been thinking about for the past year or two.  I have been wanting to update some of the recipes that I've re-worked over the years and will be posting those updates from time to time.  But mostly I'm going to be stepping away from the blog to give myself a little more time to just cook and write and see what happens.

I have totally loved my blogging life these past 9 years and have no plans to shut it down.  All of my recipes and posts will continue to be available for the foreseeable future and I will continue to answer your questions via email and comments.  

The Circle B Kitchen has always been a special place for me and I hope it has been for you too.  I'm excited to explore some new, creative avenues for my cooking, writing and photography and I thank you all for your interest and support these past 9 years.  More than anything, I hope that the Circle B Kitchen has maybe influenced you to love cooking and being in your kitchen just a bit more.  

As I mentioned, I hope to be updating some older recipes and posts from time to time, so it doesn't feel like an ending.  I guess I'm not quite ready for that.  :)

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