Cheese-y Egg McCircleB Muffin Thing

Following up on last week’s postwhen we didn’t talk about brefas, I thought maybe we’d have a little brefas chat this week.  You may actually have little interest in what we eat to start the day here in the Circle B Kitchen, but since we’re already on the subject, I’m thinkin’ I’ll just tell you anyway.   

Breakfast in the Circle B Kitchen is usually just yogurt and granola (easy, quick, easy, good.  Oh, and easy).  Once in a while it’ll be oatmeal, but on the weekends I get a little fancier and we’ll have pancakes, waffles, a Dutch baby, omelets and stuff like that.  But at least once a week I break out the English muffins and make us these scrumptiously yummy breakfast sandwiches… definitely one of our most favorite ways to start the day. 

In fact, we were having these the other day, when The Husband remarked on their deliciousness and wondered out loud why I’d never blogged them.  I didn’t have an answer for that, so here we are. 

The origins of this yummy breakfast confection would be the Egg McMuffin, which we used to love lots of years ago.  No, wait, if I’m honest, I would say we still love the Egg McMuffin; we just don’t do that anymore.  But because of our love for that iconic brefas sandwich, I started making my own healthier ones at home and that has evolved into this easy and rather tasty version that we never get tired of. 

There’s lots of room for you to create your own interpretation of this, but I like to start with a lightly toasted English Muffin (or biscuits are yummy too).  On top of half of the muffin I place a slice of ham (I use turkey ham, but use your favorite ham or bacon or leave it out) and then I scramble up an egg and add in some spinach. 

Place a pile of those wondrous eggs on top of the ham and then a slice or grating of your favorite cheese and then the English muffin lid and off you go!  They’re perfectly portable for work or the commute or wherever you most like to have your brefas.  You can also make them ahead of time and just heat them up in the morning for extra simplicity. 

So even if you weren’t at all even remotely or a tiny bit interested in breakfast at the Circle B Kitchen, I hope you maybe are now thinking that starting your day with a cheesy, eggy, McCircleBmuffin thing might just be a pretty groovy way to start the day.  Here’s the recipe…

Cheese-y Egg McCircleB Muffin Thing

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For each Breakfast Muffin:

1 English muffin or biscuit

1 slice of ham or bacon

1 egg, scrambled

a bit of fresh or frozen (thawed and squeezed dry) spinach

1 slice (or a good handful of grated) of your favorite cheese

salt and pepper to taste

Toast your English muffin.  Stir the spinach into your egg as it scrambles, along with a little salt and pepper.  Heat the slice of ham in the pan next to your eggs.

Place the bottom half of the English muffin on a plate and top that with the slice of ham or bacon.  Top that with the scrambled eggs and then the sliced or grated cheese.  Place the remaining half of the English muffin on top and place briefly in the oven or microwave to melt the cheese.  Enjoy while still warm.  

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