Breakfast To Go

As I’ve mentioned before, in my world, breakfast needs to be quick and easy.  An English muffin and a cup of coffee will usually get my day started just fine, thank you.  But there are days (usually on the weekend) when I might feel inspired (usually after that second cup of coffee) to throw something a little more substantial together (but it still needs to be quick and easy).

And now that spring has FINALLY and at long last arrived here in the Midwest, I am particularly drawn to breakfast items that I can throw together and then carry out to the porch where we can sit with our feet up and start the day amid the lush green of the mulberry trees and the warm sun rising over the river.

Which brings me to these lovelies.  Yes, people, the breakfast burrito is the ultimate portable breakfast, and equally important, they’re easy.  I suppose you could make these difficult/complicated, but I don’t see the point when this simple version is so flippin’ good.

What we have here are five ingredients (six if you count the tortilla)… scrambled eggs, sausage, cheese, avocado and salsa.  If you’re really partial to things with seven ingredients, chop yourself some cilantro.  While your sausage is cooking (you could substitute chorizo here), scramble up some eggs, slice an avocado, sip on some coffee, grate some cheese, open a jar of salsa and heat your tortillas.  Then assemble by placing a little of each ingredient on your warm tortilla, roll it up, grab your coffee and stroll leisurely out to the porch, breakfast in hand. 

There are worse ways to start the day.  Here’s the recipe…

A Deliciously Portable Breakfast Burrito

Click here for a printable recipe

There are an endless number of ingredients you can throw into a breakfast burrito (black beans are great).  You can use ground breakfast sausage, spicy Italian sausage, chorizo or bacon.

4 flour tortillas

1/2 lb bulk sausage

grated jack and cheddar cheese

1 large avocado, sliced

5 eggs, scrambled


chopped fresh cilantro (optional)

Brown the sausage in a medium skillet.  While the sausage is cooking, grate the cheese and slice the avocado.

Beat the eggs with a little salt and pepper.  Heat a skillet over medium heat and and either add a little butter or spray with nonstick cooking spray.  Add the eggs and cook, stirring until the eggs are set.

Place a flour tortilla on a hot griddle or heat briefly in the microwave until soft.  Place a scoop of the eggs onto the tortilla.  Top that with some of the sausage, cheese, salsa and avocado.  Add a little chopped cilantro, if using.  Fold in the ends and roll up the tortilla.  Heat briefly in the microwave to melt the cheese, wrap in a napkin and enjoy!  Serve with extra salsa for dipping.