Five Awesome Dips For Your Fries

Last week we talked about how to make fries, so I thought that this week we could talk about how to eat fries.  And I have to tell you, we've eaten a lot of french fries around here lately...but without one ounce of guilt.  No sir, for each batch of fries (2 lbs of potatoes), I only use 1 tablespoon of olive oil (and a little sprinkling of grated parmesan cheese).  They're not fat free, but pretty darn close (but they don't taste like it)!

So let's add that fat back into the equation by making some very cool dips, OK?  Oh sure, catsup (ketchup?) makes for a perfectly delicious dip, but sometimes you need something a bit more dippy. My favorite all-time french fry dip from my high school days involved after-school with friends at Bob's Big Boy in Glendale, CA, eating platters of french fries dipped in buckets of blue cheese dressing.  So of course, the first dip I made had to be a blue cheese dip.  If you've never dipped a french fry into creamy blue cheese dressing, it's time.

Wanting to cover a fairly wide range of flavors with my dip options, I got all mustard-y with the next one, and we loved it.  I added a little more Dijon because I totally have a mustard crush on Trader Joe's Dijon mustard and wanted more of that flavor to come through.  Dynamite!

The next two dips are actually versions of the same recipe.  The first one is a yogurt ranch dip that just might have been The Husband's favorite of the bunch.  It really was awfully good, but for some reason, it chose to stay in the fridge during the photo shoot.  I have no explanation for this, but when I discovered it hiding behind the eggs, it got a close-up shot, but it was too late to include it in the group pic up top.  Geez...

This one takes that yummy yogurt ranch dip and adds some tomato and hot sauce (or harissa) for a yummy, creamy, spicy version.

Last, and anything but least, I made a chipotle lime mayo dip that was just so totally killer.  I'm saving this recipe to whip up and serve with tortilla chips or spoon on tacos or anything else I can think of.  Oh man, it would be so awesome to dip shrimp's creamy, it's spicy, with just a bit of tang from the lime.

Alrighty then, people.  Perhaps it's time to throw a french fry party and get your dips on.  Just click on the photos for links to printable recipes!  But don't forget to make some french fries first!

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