Radishes Two Ways

I just love the market in springtime...you never really know what's going to jump out at you.  There I was browsing through the produce aisle when I was accosted by these gorgeous, bright red radishes that grabbed me by the arm and yelled at me to buy them or suffer the consequences!  They were beautiful, in a menacing sort of way, so into the cart they went.  We do love radishes, and although they pretend to be quite fierce, they can also be quite lovely and cooperative.

Not knowing exactly what I was going to do with my beautiful radishes once home, I went browsing through my files and came across a couple of hor d'oeuvre recipes that looked about perfect.  Couldn't decide between them, so I made them both.  The first one is a crostini that called for ricotta cheese, which I didn't have, so I quickly made some up.  It really is that easy, people, and the rest of the recipe came together super fast....

Just some grilled baguette slices, a little olive oil, the ricotta cheese and sliced radishes which are then topped with a little arugula or spinach that's been tossed in olive oil, lemon juice, salt and pepper.  Oh, my, those were good.

The second recipe was equally, if not more delicious.  You just have to slice the radish in half lengthwise and then slice a little off the bottom of each slice so it sits flat on the plate.  Then goat cheese and chives are combined in the food processor and then piped over the top of the radishes.  This is then sprinkled with a few more chopped chives and some kosher salt. 

I have to say that both of these were extremely tasty and easy to put together.  It's spring!  The radishes are fresh!  They're feisty and ready to eat.  I'd say you better put em in your cart, and if you do, they make  awesome hor d'oeuvres.

Printable Recipe for Radishes with Goat Cheese and Chives

Printable Recipe for Fresh Ricotta and Radish Crostini