Rainy Day Cookies

It's been raining all day here at the Western Headquarters for the Circle B Kitchen.  If it weren't such a welcome event in this drought-stricken part of the country, we'd be sort of bummed. Nevertheless, we threw on our parkas and went for a very long walk along the ocean in the rain this morning and didn't mind getting ourselves a bit wet in the process.  This has been a stormy storm creating an angry, tormented sea which was ever such an amazing thing to see against this rocky coastline.

And then we came home and made cookies.  What is it about wet, rainy days that make you crave a warm cookie fresh out of the oven.  That's pretty much a rhetorical question that requires no answer.  Warm, fresh cookies need no explanation.  That, a fresh pot of coffee and a good football game have convinced us that rainy days, even when you're on vacation, can be a wondrous thing indeed.

Here's the recipe!