Dianne Salad and Some Cheesy Beer Scones

About every 3rd Sunday of the month or 4th Saturday or maybe both, I make us a big old bowl of Dianne salad.  It's definitely one of The Husband's all-time favorite meals and certainly one of mine.  Tonight it really hit the spot, along with some Cheesy Beer Scones which are absolutely the most perfect complement to a Dianne Salad.  Over the years I've made some changes to this salad which have possibly taken me further from the original Green Street Restaurant salad, but closer to deliciousness and wholesomeness.

The beer scones, on the other hand, have remained the same over the years and always turn out perfectly scrumptious and awesome.  Although I will admit to adding a bit more cheese now and then.  Be sure to use a sharp cheddar cheese so you can taste the cheesiness!