Pizza Night

It's pizza night here at the Circle B Kitchen and I'm especially excited for this one because I've set out some pizza goals for myself for this year.  Now, I've made a LOT of pizza in my day and much of it has come out of the pizza oven which makes a delectable crust and a wondrously charred flavor.

But here's the thing... I feel like my crusts are a bit too unpredictable, so I'm out to create a little more consistency in this part of my life.  Consistency is a worthy thing to which one should aspire, no?  Yes.  And I want consistency not only from the pizza oven, but from my kitchen oven too.  So to that end I've ditched my pizza stone.

Heresy!!  I know.  The hallowed pizza stone has indeed fallen out of favor with me and here's why. I can get the oven in my Aga pretty screaming hot because it's got great convection and it really is perfect for baking pizza.  The walls are lined with ceramic and the thing holds heat like a beast.  But it seems that the pizza stone just never gets hot enough, even after an hour of preheating. 

So my pizza stone is now leaning against the wall in the garage and has been replaced by a baking steel!  Yay!  I was actually thinking to replace the stone with something cast iron that would conduct heat really well, get hot and stay hot!  Well, the answer to that turned out to be a baking steel and last night I used it for the first time.  Oh, my ever lovin pepperoni!  This thing gets HOT and cooks pizza in a matter of minutes.  So yeah, I'm pretty stoked and am so glad somebody was as frustrated with their pizza stone as I was and came up with a rather brilliant solution.  That's the good news.

The bad news is that this thing isn't cheap.  Dangit.  But our pizza is worth it, you know?  Why bother to go through all the trouble to make your dough, let it rise and do all of this work if it's not going to be just right.  So I splurged and have no regrets.

The next challenge will be tweaking my pizza dough recipe so that it comes out the way I want it every time.  Maybe that's an unrealistic expectation, but I'm going after it.  I'll keep you posted!