Herb Salt from the Garden

The garden is winding down and if I don't pick these herbs in the next week or so, I'll lose them.  I grow rosemary, sage and oregano for the express purpose of making my Tuscan Herb Salt and I use copious amounts of that for a dry rub on my Thanksgiving turkey, so today was the day.  I picked a whole bunch of herbs, washed and dried them, and then processed them with garlic and salt and spread it out on a sheet pan to dry.

I'll leave that for about 3 days or so and then package it up in jars to use throughout the year.  I made a double batch today which will last quite a long time, but the good news is that there are still enough herbs out there to make one more batch before winter sets in.  If you've never made this, you will wonder how you lived without it once you have it.  You can buy your herbs and make this any time of the year.