MNF and Nachos!

Tonight marks the season opener for Monday Night Football and to make it even more fun and exciting, our beloved Steelers are playing!  Yay!!  To celebrate, we're having nachos which have a sort of historic significance for us as relates to MNF.

Back when the kids were little, we're talking 1980 or 1983; right around in there, we would have our next door neighbor, JoJo, who was like our kids' second grandma, come stay with them and we would stake out a table at the Sawmill restaurant and watch MNF while eating nachos and maybe an adult beverage or two.   The nachos were awesome, but the salad bar still lives in infamy... best ever.  So tonight we had a big salad and then we dined on nachos and watched the Steelers play the Redskins.  Game is still going, so I don't have a score yet, but we're pretty much just loving the walk down memory lane.  :-)