The granola jar is about empty, which happens about every 10 days, so today is Make More Granola Day!  I shouldn't really give you the idea that it takes all day because in actuality it takes less than an hour and is about the easiest (and tastiest) and healthiest granola going.  

And it's so easy that you can (and will) make it without ever bringing out the recipe.  Here's the formula... 4 cups of oats, old fashioned, please
                2 cups of nuts (I use slivered and sliced almonds)
                2 cups of coconut
                equal parts of coconut oil and molasses

I just measure everything onto the sheet pan and then melt the coconut oil (about 1/3 cup) in the microwave and then add 1/3 cup of molasses.  Then that gets poured over the oat mixture and then stirred in real good.

Then it all goes in the oven (350) for about 30 to 45 minutes depending on your oven and how dark you like your granola.  Give it a good stir every 15 minutes or so.  And it comes out sort of like this...

After your granola cools for about an hour or however long it takes, you can add some dried fruit if you want.  I like to add raisins and dried cranberries (1 cup each).  The Husband likes his added to the granola at this point, but I like to add mine at the table.  I think they stay a little juicier that way.  But it's gonna be great however.  No matter.  We sprinkle it liberally, OK, we dump it over the top of our yogurt in the morning.  So good.