It's Pizza Time!

Today marks the opening of pizza season here!  Yep, there's definitely a season for firing up an 800-degree oven and I'll tell you it isn't in the middle of a midwest summer.  Nope.  The first fall-ish like day is the perfect time to fire it up and make some outrageously great pizza.  And today is that day.  A little cloudy, a nice breeze, temps in the upper 70's... I'd say pizza oven season is officially open!!  Woohooo!!!

Here's a little pizza update... no sooner had I finished that paragraph up there than it started to rain.  LOL!!  Rain is definitely not pizza oven weather, but no, it will not be slowing us down.  The fire is only about an hour or so from being ready and we'll be pulling out the pizza umbrellas and getting it done!!

Update #2... that was way more work than it needed to be.  The rain held off until it was time to put the pizza in the oven and then it really started coming down.  That was kind've nuts.  As soon as we got the 3rd pizza cooked, the rain stopped.  Go figure.  The rain created a little much moisture in the pizza oven so it never got as hot as it should have which definitely affected the pizza outcome. 😟 But it was so fun to have to have the pizza oven up and running again.  Next time I might just check the weather app beforehand.