Happy Labor Day!

Labor Day is actually tomorrow but it was easier for us to get together today, so I'm in the kitchen getting most of the food ready for our barbecue later on.  First thing done was that peach cobbler up there.  I guess those were some rather juicy peaches.  Mmmmmmm.  We will give our cobbler some little ice cream hats at dessert time.  Here's my peach cobbler recipe.  I just did a pastry crust on this one instead of the cobbler crust in the recipe.  I'm sort of digging on that these days.

The potato salad is made and stashed in the fridge, developing all of those lovely flavors.  You can find my recipe  here.  This is some mighty fine tater salad, folks.  I've got a flank steak marinating and some chicken waiting to be rubbed down and some corn to be shucked so I better get back to it.  Hope you're having a most wondrous weekend whatever you're doing, and Happy Labor Day!