Happy Labor Day, Redux

Although I have already wished you a very happy Labor Day (see yesterday's post), I couldn't help but check in again today because I'm back in the kitchen and doing some fun, sort of recreational cooking.  We had a wonderfully awesomeLabor Day barbecue yesterday and I'm taking advantage of a quiet day by making us some peanut butter protein balls.  We've been out of them for a couple of weeks and The Husband is starting to twitch and fidget.  These are surprisingly addicting for something so packed with protein and good stuff.

My peanut butter protein balls have been stashed in the fridge to chill out.  And while they do that, I decided to make some zucchini bread.  My son and daughter-in-law brought us lots of zucchini from their garden yesterday, so I will return the favor by making them some zucchini bread.

Lucky for us, my recipe makes 2 loaves so we'll get some too.  This is some good zucchini bread, people.  I've worked to straddle the line with this recipe between moist, tasty and healthy and this one hits all the right notes.  You'll be getting this recipe soon like.

OK, I definitely need to get this recipe to you guys.   Best zucchini bread!