Bumpa Chocolate Thunder

My sweet little 6-month old granddaughter woke up not feeling too well this morning and her Bumpa received the SOS call to maybe lend a hand.  Of course I was in the car and on my way in no time, the back seat laden with grocery bags, a cooler and everything I might need to maybe get some meals made up for these over-worked parents while I was there.

While Ella napped, I made a truck load of burritos to stash in their fridge and then was ever so happy to see a slow-cooker sitting on the counter.  I brought everything to make up some claypot chicken and rice for them and I've been wanting to try it out in a slow cooker, so it's hopefully going to get done in time for their dinner.  I'll let you know...

Several of you have been asking if they could make this in a crock pot or slow cooker, so now I'll hopefully have an answer for you.

(Yes, it worked great!  About 1 1/2 to hours on high and it was cooked perfectly!)

Once that was in the pot and underway, of course I had to make them some Chocolate Thunder Pudding.  Nothing heals the wounds of the day like chocolate pudding, no?

Ella is hopefully getting ahead of this little virus.  We've had lots of snuggle time and she's sleeping like a champ.   I'm feeling pretty lucky to get this time with her.  We all know how quickly they grow up.  Sigh.