Peeeeetza Night!

It's been a busy weekend in the Circle B Kitchen, working on several new recipes for the blog which should appear shortly.  We've got an awesome pita bread in the works and of course, pita chips will make an appearance.  Also been testing some new recipes for chicken shawarma that I hope to have to you before too long and a killer moroccan chicken too.  Also working on a new hummus recipe.  We've been eating well here!

But last Sunday I made a batch of pizza dough with the intention of making pizza this week.  I didn't get around to it until last night which meant that dough sat in the fridge for a whole week! 

IMG_5290 copy.jpg

It's not unusual for me to keep dough for several days, but that's the first time I pushed it to a whole week and as you can see, it came out great.  Man, that was some good pizza!  The moral of the story is go ahead and make your dough (here's our recipe) and stash it in the fridge.  You've got a whole week to decide when your pizza night will be!!