Tomato Windfall!!


I have found myself happily in possession of 8 lbs of beautiful roma tomatoes.  Just not sure how I want to use them.  Tomato sauce?  Salsa?  Tomato paste?  Marinara?  For now, they look beautiful on the table.  Tomorrow I will decide their fate.

And so it was decided... tomato paste!


I weighed out 7 lbs of those beautiful romas, cut them up, cooked them down, ran them through the food mill and produced two sheet pans of tomato sauce...


...which then got cooked down in the oven for 4 hours until a beautiful tomato paste was created.  I then took the paste and place it into 5 5-oz jars and pressure canned them and from all of those lovely, fresh tomatoes, this is what I ended up with.  Best tomato paste ever...